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Research presentation

Physics projects

Chemistry projects

Vibrating strings of a guitar

external image standing+wave2.JPG

How does its length, or tension affect to its frequency?

Reaction kinetics

external image rates_graph_1.gif===

How does temperature affect to reaction rate?

Noise maps

external image noise-mapping-2-728.jpg?cb=1336172868

How does time or date affect to noise intensity?

Reaction kinetics

external image concentration.png===

How does reactant concentration affect to reaction rate?

Parachute falling motion

external image 300px-SCIE_T10_image1.jpg

How does parachute´s area affect to its terminal speed?


Captura de pantalla 2017-12-02 a la(s) 09.09.34.png

How does temperature affect to solubility of a salt?

Viscosity of a fluid

external image effecto-viscosidades.jpg
===How does temperature of a fluid affect to its viscosity?===


external image diffusion-science_48d708c07e86710e.jpg?

How does temperature of a fluid affect to its diffusion rate?

Deformation of plasticine

external image 012515_1129_PlasticineD1.jpg

How does height affect to its deformation?

Vibration of a column of a liquid

external image fc693bee-118a-4e7c-95f6-42c12484b915.gif

How does mass of a fluid affect to its period?

Vibrations of a metal rod

external image barmod.gif===

How does its length or section affect to its period?

Association of springs

external image Muelles_sr_prl.gif

How does its length or section affect to its period?