CLIL activities

Content & Language Integrated Learning

In this webpage you can learn about activities focused on English learning through Physics and Chemistry

This wiki is designed for Spanish students who learn in Bilingual Education Program at Ramiro de Maeztu High school (Madrid, Spain).Here you can find contents, activities and links to different web pages which are explained in English.Finally, students can upload and edit their own activities

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Activity 1:

Lab equipment

"Right question, right answer" activity :students have to ask about some piece of lab equipment to their classmates

Activity 2:

Physical properties

Line-up activity :
students have to form a queue according to the value of a physical quantity and use comparatives to justify the order of the line

Activity 3:

Kinetic theory

"Expanding & improving" activity:

students have to build up sentences expanding content or improving language

Activity 4:

Separation methods for mixtures

"Building up sentences" activity:

students have to build up sentences using the vocabulary provided by the teacher

Activity 5:

Elements, symbols & oxidation numbers

"Right question, right answer" activity :

students have to ask about elemts and their symbols or valences to their classmates