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21st Century Physics

In this webpage you can learn to enjoy and outreach Physics

This wiki is designed for Spanish students who learn in Bilingual Education Program at Ramiro de Maeztu High school (Madrid, Spain).Here you can find contents, activities and links to different web pages which are explained in English.Finally, students can upload and edit their own activities

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Absolut zero
Presented by Jerónimo & Ricardo
Entropyexternal image diablillo.png
Presented by

Faraday cage Presented by Irene & Aurora
Double slit experiment and wave-particle duality
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Presented by

Schrödinger´s cat Presented by Blanca
& Elena (4C) Adriana & Julia (4D)

Tunnel effect
external image tunnel.jpg
Presented by

Presented by Mario, Eloy & Kevin (4C)
Quantum entanglement: EPR paradox
external image entangled_sm.jpgexternal image sn-entanglement_0.jpg?itok=BGW3O1Oy
Presented by Antonio Reus & Micheal D´amore

Presented by Rodrigo & Daniel (4C)

Superconductivity & superfluidity
external image superfluido_thumb%25255B1%25255D.jpg?imgmax=800
Presented by Andrea Laguna & Alex Rosa (4D
Standard model
external image zoo-de-particulas.jpg
Presented by Sagrario & Eva
Higgs Boson
external image higgs-simulation-3.jpg?itok=trIKLYoa
Presented by Raul & Yualli; (4D)

Presented by Silvia & Irene (4C) Juan & Jose (4D
Total reflection and optical fiber
external image 1024px-Fiber_optic_illuminated.jpg
Presented by
Fermat´s law & mirages
external image 116.jpg

Presented by Millán & Shane

Presented by Miguel & Jose Mª (4C)
Bose-Einstein condensate
external image Bose_Einstein_condensate.png
Presented by
Doppler´s effect

Presented by Mar & Patricia (4C)
Resonance & Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR)
external image HWB-NMR_-_900MHz_-_21.2_Tesla.jpg
Presented by

Presented by Noelia & Alba 4ºD and Inés & Beatriz 4ºC