Unit 3Gravitation project 4 E

In this webpage you can learn about Cosmology and Gravitation through this unit prepared by the students of Physics & Chemistry 4 E at Ramiro de Maeztu High school

This wiki is designed for Spanish students who learn in Bilingual Education Program at Ramiro de Maeztu High school (Madrid, Spain).Here you can find contents, activities and links to different web pages which are explained in English.Finally, students can upload and edit their own activities

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Heliocentric model

Presented by Andrea, Carlota H. & Ana M.

Kepler laws
external image 640px-Johannes_Kepler_1610.jpg
Presented by Marta P. , Sofia & Maria S.

Presented by Maria M., Clara & Paula C.

Solar system

Presented by Celia Moratalla & Paloma Urio

Presented by Paula & Diana López

Presented by Eva, Paula R. & Carla

Big bang theory

Presented by Maria Jose, Julia M & Martha M.
Satellites & spacecrafts
external image 1024px-Soyuz_TMA-7_spacecraft2edit1.jpg
external image 1024px-Soyuz_TMA-7_spacecraft2edit1.jpg

Presented by Sergio L & Martín

Presented by Daniel M., Francisco M & Nicolás

Presented by Jade,Miguel & Ana===
Space research

Presented by

Presented by Julia S. & Marta P.
external image slideshare_400x100.png

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