Physics and Chemistry at Ramiro de Maeztu High Schoo​l

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This wiki is designed for Spanish students who learn in Bilingual Education Program at Ramiro de Maeztu High School (Madrid, Spain).
Here you can find contents, activities and links to different web pages which are explained in English. Finally, students can upload and edit their own activities.
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3º ESO


  1. Measures & scientific method

  2. Kinetic theory

  3. Mixtures

  4. Atomic structure

  5. Chemical substances

  6. Chemical reactions

  7. Electric circuits

  8. Energy

4º ESO


  1. Kinematics

  2. Dynamics

  3. Gravitation 4B 4C

  4. Pressure

  5. Energy, work & heat

  6. Waves: light & sound

  7. Chemical Nomenclature

  8. Chemical reactions

  9. Atomic structure

  10. Organic Chemistry

Práctica de descarga en gases
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Equations of Physics

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